Kaleidoscope Creative Photography is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and is led by Deanna Duke.

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I’ve had a true passion for photography for a very long time. I can remember looking through a “Viewmaster” (some of you might need to look that up) as a child at gorgeous, exotic places and dreaming about what it would be like to be there – and of course imagining myself as the photographer. I still have that wanderlust today and take photographic inspiration from my surroundings wherever my adventures might take me. In addition to landscape, nature and travel photography, I also focus on sports and aviation. As a lifelong athlete and sports enthusiast, I’m drawn to capturing the emotions and energy of the phenomenal athletes that push their limits every day. I began my career as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the Air Force, so I also have a natural love of flying and aviation, from vintage aircraft to fighters and jetliners. You might even catch me shooting Americana and urban streets – anything from rusty old cars and tractors, to cool buildings and interesting people.

To me, photography is both a form of communication as well as an art, so the way I look at things is always evolving.

And my philosophy has always been to push my limits to attain more than I thought was possible. That’s the beauty of it – there’s a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities! My goal will always be to capture the emotions, spirit and energy in whatever adventure I encounter to bring that kaleidoscope to life through photography.

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